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Open wide! Signed, the Federal Government?

This is Federalism? UPDATE: Did Elena Kagan alter the scientific conclusions of ACOG for political reasons?  It certainly looks that way.  But will it matter?  The real question in these hearings is: will the Republicans and “moderate” Democrats actually grow … Continue reading

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Up is Down and Down is Up

Facing their biggest monetary crisis since Weimar Germany, the Economic powers of Eastern and Western Europe have suddenly discovered free markets, the private sector and (most interesting of all) that unbridled Government spending on entitlements is the sure path to … Continue reading

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Blagojevich Judge Denies Defense access to Obama FBI Interview

When I saw this I immediately thought of the Chicago judge in ‘The Untouchables’ who is forced to switch juries.  It appears that judicial integrity hasn’t changed much since the days of Al Capone. But it does beg the question: … Continue reading

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The Unengaged President

Mark Steyn is on a roll today: Only the other day, Sen. George Lemieux of Florida attempted to rouse the president to jump-start America’s overpaid, over-manned, and oversleeping federal bureaucracy and get it to do something on the oil debacle. … Continue reading

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Dear Leader speaks again….

This little ditty gets filed under “there are no losers, everybody’s a winner.” You know, because that makes us all somehow more equal and our precious “self-esteem” is inflated.  As an example of this mentality,  on the local sports radio station … Continue reading

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How Not to Clean up the Gulf

Incompetence breeds Incompetence: The A-Whale bills itself as the largest open-water oil skimmer in the world, and it’s at least very impressive. Originally an oil and ore tanker, the ship’s owners recently refitted the ship to do exactly the kind … Continue reading

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