The “Kill Switch” passes Committee

The Internet “Kill Switch” bill is now headed to the Senate floor.  Read all about it… and be very concerned.

So, let me make sure I have this right:  our corrupt, spineless, bloviating Senate is considering giving this President–the narcissist to end all narcissism–the authority to shut down ALL dissenting opinions for four months without answering to…anyone?? Four months is an eternity; it is, for example enough time to declare martial law, send out the DEA to “round up the guns”, or worse, to round up political enemies and crush all dissent.  Without the ability to communicate  with the outside world for four months, who would know if such a scenario were to play out until long after it was too late?

I know, there are many people saying:  “oh come ON, this President (or any President for that matter) would never consider such a thing.”  Really?  Really???  What would George Orwell say about this?  Well actually, if you understand Orwell, he already has warned us.

It wasn’t that long ago when we were praising the Internet for it’s role in bringing to the World’s consciousness the ugly, dramatic story of the recent Iranian uprising–including the deadly brutality of that evil regime.  Try as they did, even Ahmadinejad and the mullahs didn’t have the power to shut down completely the will of a brave people to show the world what was happening to them.  Because they had the Internet.

The first Right ever granted to us by the Founders was the Freedom of Speech and the Press (which includes books and the written word).  There is no greater guarantee of freedom than to allow any citizen’s voice to be heard, even if it is to criticize the actions of the Government.  I certainly did not see the Left complaining about this right during the Bush Administration!  Remember “dissent is patriotic”?  I do; and I do not know of anyone who could deny that Internet has revolutionized the notion of the “Free Press”, because we are no longer reliant on media owned by corporations like General Electric who are hook, line and sinker in bed with the Obama Administration.  (Hence GE’s subsidiaryMSNBC: can you say “smart grid” and “new light bulb requirements”, etc…?).  Now more than ever, the truth is being watered down or simply unreported by Big Media to advance an agenda that a majority of the citizenry does not agree with. But the Internet now has given birth to the “Alternative Media”, which increasingly is the only way to get to the whole truth–for those who even care to do so. So: why on Earth would any sane person who believes that freedom of speech and the press is the single most important right in our Constitution–readily agree to hand over complete and absolute power to shut down the First Amendment to the single most tone-deaf and indifferent-to-the-will-of-the-people President in my lifetime??  It is nothing short of insanity from where I sit. 

I have always thought those FEMA Concentration camp conspiracy theorists to be complete wackos, especially given our guaranteed free sppech and a well-armed and independent citizenry; but given a scenario where that guarantee goes away–where no communication is getting out except for what the State wants to get out, it does not take Albert Einstein to put 2 and 2 together and understand that this law gives the de facto President dictatorial powers, without any oversight for up to 4 months.  If there has ever been a President who should not be trusted with such powers, it is this one.  The fat cats in the US Senate seem poised to give Barack Obama the power put a steel boot to the throats of the American people and to do to our citizens–a majority of whom have opposed or disapproved of virtually everything Obama has done to date–what the real Castro did to Cuba; and to do so without having to answer to anyone for 120 days

I believe that we are at a true point of critical mass; a crossroads in our history, for many reasons.  But if giving a President the power to shut down the First Amendment for four months–at his own discrition–is not a “Call your Senators early and often” moment, I do not what would be.  For your Senators’ contact information, go here and tell them you expect them to oppose the Internet Kill Switch bill.

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