Criminal Intent: The Slowness of Gulf Cleanup can only be Intentional

After reading this piece from Paul H. Rubin in the Wall Street Journal, I personally do not see how any thinking person would not come to the same conclusion that I have: that the Federal Government and President Barack Obama in particular are intentionally slowing and hindering the Gulf Oil Spill cleanup for purely partisan political reasons.  Yes, I am saying that he is hindering the cleanup on purpose: how else can you possibly explain the facts outlined in Rubin’s column?

If Obama was a Corporate CEO in charge of this cleanup and with this record of obstruction, I am convinced he would be in jail right now.

How does The One benefit from this obstruction causing the destruction?  Let us count the ways:

  • Leverage in Cap and Trade argument
  • Leverage in trying to tax Big Oil, etc.
  • Excuse for more “stimulus” expenditures
  • He gets to shut down domestic offshore drilling (to the extent the Courts will allow), even as our economic rivals continue to drill off of Florida/Cuba using the same technology
  • As a standing argument against ‘Drill Here, Drill Now’
  • Dispossessed workers/industries in these Red States become more dependent on Federal handouts
  • He keeps potential future Presidential rival Bobby Jindal from getting any credit for reacting in time to stop the spill from doing large amounts of damage to Louisiana
  • He gets to hinder the hated “Big Oil” to the delight of his comrades in environmental lobby, and that lobby will have lots of footage of the damage that evil Oil companies cause…
  • An excuse to attempt to Nationalize the oil companies?  Nah, the President would never even think about Nationalizing private industry…

One does not want to be too strident, but seriously: read the Rubin piece above, and then please try to convince me with a straight face that this isn’t Criminal Intent.  Obama is either “Chauncey Gardner” clueless or else he is intentionally allowing–for his own personal gainthe Gulf Coast to be irreparably damaged for decades to come.

UPDATE: Even more “evidence” via Glenn Reynolds.  And even more straight from New Orleans local news.

MORE EVIDENCE: This one hits home. Via Mark Levin and the Examiner, the Obama Administraion’s EPA yesterday shut down 33% of our domestic refining capability (Texas-based refineries)–in the name of clean air! 

If anything is clearing the air about the ultimate intent of this Rogue President, it is his actions towards the Gulf States and the Oil industry. 

When gas prices reach $8.00, I don’t want to hear a peep about “Bush’s economy”.  I am as certain as I am of anything that this President is purposefully trying to tear down our free market system and our standard of living, in some sick ideological homage to a flawed and long-disproven economic utopian dream.  His disdain for the people of the Gulf States is a disgrace; HE is a disgrace.

With the largest tax increases in American history (without any additional “stimulus”) set to hit our deteriorating economy like a tsunami in 6 short months, it may be time to find some life preservers of our own.

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