Voter Fraud (Felons Voting Illegally) put Franken over the top in Senate Recount – Study

Last week we learned about the Holder Justice Department’s complicity in actively encouraging voter fraud (for “dead people, felons, illegal voters and those who have moved out-of-state…”). Yesterday, we learned about the new documentary film which will assert that Obama caucus members defrauded and disenfranchised Texas voters for Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primaries.

Well it seems that the ‘hits just keep on coming’: today we are told that a two-year investigation of the 2008 Senatorial Recount in Democrat-run Minnesota has hard evidence that 341 Convicted Felons voted for Al Franken illegally in the heavily litigated  2008 recount that brought Franken from behind to “defeat” Sen. Norm Coleman in the “recount” by…. 312 votes.

Have we had enough yet?

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