Franken Election Fraud Update: Felons Voting Count Nears 1000, MN GOP Demands Probe

The deeper they delve into the fraudulent election of Al Franken, the greater the stench. 

As you may recall, Franken came from behind in the recount to win by 312 votes in a hotly litigated dispute.  When we linked to the breaking story earlier in the week, a reported 341 votes were found to have been made by felons–who decidedly are not eligible to cast a vote in the Minnesota elections.  Yet the Democrat-run Minnesota syndicate government appears to be not at all interested in looking into the matter.  Go figure.

Well as luck would have it, the “iceberg” just got a little bigger:

Minnesota Majority spokesman Dan McGrath appeared on the Twin Cities Fox affiliate last night to explain their latest report on felon voting in Minnesota, and to expand on their demand for law enforcement action. According to their meticulous research of voting and conviction records, as many as 1,000 felons may have voted in the 2008 election in Minnesota. That would have been more than enough to swing the US Senate election to Al Franken, who prevailed by just over 300 votes in a protracted recount and election challenge over Norm Coleman. Noting that the data won’t have any impact on the 2008 results, McGrath wants action to ensure the integrity of the upcoming November election, but doesn’t appear to be getting much cooperation …

Be sure and watch the video too.

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