WTF? Specter solicits Obama Admin Job to change his “No” Kagan Vote?? (Edited for clarity…)

Remember Joe Sestak? You might not have heard the name, after all it was just last month eons ago that it was leaked by Sestak himself reported by the corrupt, unobjective Fox News and the evil Right-Wing Blogs.  Sestak was the guy who obviously was illegally offered the Navy Secretary post a minor non-paying janitorial role in the Obama Administration  by Rahm Emmanuel Obama “Special Envoy” Bill Clinton–so that they could keep their promise to Specter that he would be unopposed Sestak would suddenly decide on a whim to stay out of the Pennsylvania Senate race against Republican Democrat Republican Democrat (oh who cares…) Arlen Specter.  Although Sestak was stupid enough to out Obama on the matter to a reporter and videocam  obviously was tired and confused from a long night of ribald drinking, the Stasi Justice Department showed its true colors by ignoring the allegations rightfully decided not to investigate the matter.

It is criminal standard operating procedure in this Regime Administration that the scandal would end there; but no!  Obama was not content merely to rub our face in it, he wanted to show off his awesome absolute power that His Will be Done, Amen  felt bad: Arlen Specter had after all become a victim of Sestak’s desire to get on the gravy train run in a primary election opposing Specter which Obama had promised would be an unopposed race for Specter in exchange for Specter switching parties.

Fortunately Specter seems to have come up with a perfect quid pro quo altruistic solution; Obama has reportedly received a solicitation from Specter had a revelation from God  suggesting that Specter would be willing to change his “No” vote on the monumentally unqualified Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan for a White House appointment deserved to be recognized–maybe even rewarded for betraying the Republicans in order to secure for Obama a filibuster-proof majority so they could ram through the hugely unpopular Health Care bill that will bankrupt the country being such a team player.  Jake Tapper reports:

Sources tell ABC News that Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Pennsylvania, has informed the White House that he would like to consider remaining in public service after his Senate term ends at the end of this session, and White House officials are keeping an open mind about possible job openings for him.

Specter, who was defeated in his March primary by Rep. Joe Sestak, D-Pennsylvania, is a close friend of Vice President Joe Biden and someone praised for his leadership in pushing for greater funding for the National Institutes of Health.

Sources said the job discussions are far from anything other than preliminary, and were not part of any “deal” when Specter switched parties and began supporting President Obama’s agenda in earnest.
Neither the White House nor Specter had any comment.

Talk of such a job, however, has raised eyebrows among Specter’s Republican Senate colleagues, who are now eyeing his votes with added scrutiny. For instance, Specter seemed not particularly impressed with Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, whose nomination as solicitor general Specter opposed last year. This week, he announced support for her Supreme Court nomination.

As long as the Dictatorship Obama Administration has Herr Holder as his chief “fixer” law enforcement officer, and a Politburo Congress willing to “look the other way” rather than to take its duties seriously to investigate alleged Republican-only Executive Branch crimes, why wouldn’t The One have the “Audacity” to take his teleprompter go onto State Television the networks and announce the deal in Prime Time?  What’s the difference, after all, Obama openly flouting his power to do whatever the hell he wants high esteem for Specter’s willingness to sell his vote for a cushy job impeccable history of service to the Party; or his keeping the whole tit-for-tat “top secret” (wink, wink…)?

It seems we are living in an era of Al Capone-level “Untouchability” universal love, prosperity and utopian bliss, in the most corrupt ethical White House in American history. 

Lucky us! But hopefully not for long…

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