A Chris Christie flashback – Pure Gold

Every time I see this guy I just am amazed.   Allah was prescient enough to relink to this “greatest hit” today.  Watch the video again.  Enjoy.  Relish.  Imagine

And most of all, think about what Christie is saying, how real it is, how little pretense there is.  Because–unlike the Prince of Darkness-there is no bullshit coming out.  He doesn’t flat-out lie through his teeth every time he opens his pie hole…  That trait in itself is worth its weight in Gold at the moment.

Once you have watched the May video and pondered upon thst, then go visit Allah’s entry today–watch that video–and just stop and think about how much Christie has actually accomplished in one of the Bluest of Blue states in just 6 months….  Compare and contrast to the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania: can you imagine if we had this man  in the White House right now? You think the G10 and the markets just might have a wee bit more confidence in the United States to help prevent the rest of the world from falling into the economic abyss?

Ya think??

If I had to handicap a 2012 Presidential favorite today it would be Chris Christie; and I must admit that  I am pretty pumped about the whole idea.

So tell me where I am wrong; what I am missing here? Especially compared to what we have now; what does a feckless, deer-in-the-headlights former Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton-style agitator “community organizer” who gives good teleprompter have over this guy?

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