Forget Hiring Quotas–Dems Ready to put in Salary Quotas???

Just when you think you have seen it all–the Marxist hacks come up with a new atrocity…  Ladies and Gentlemen I give you… “The Paycheck Fairness Act“.

Nowhere in that entire article did I see the words “competence”, “work ethic”, “ability”… all I see is race and gender.

Is there any facet of life that is not all about race and gender with these people?  One can only begin to fathom the economic damage that “Salary Quotas” would do to our economy and competitiveness with India, China and other countries which have no such restrictions.  

You would almost think that Obama wants to kill American private enterprise… Such a result would only exponentially increase the reliance of the citizenry on Government for their continued existence; surely Obama and the Democrats are not trying to make Americans more dependent on Government…

Last company out of the US, please hit the light switch…

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