Electoral College Assault: Exactly what the Founders Feared

Last week it came to light that a few Democrat Legislatures in Blue States like Massachusetts have voted to circumvent the US Constitution by declaring that all of their Electors in a Presidential Election will go to whomever wins the National popular vote.  If enough States were to pass such legislation individually–any combination that would lead to the 270 Electoral votes required by the Constitution to elect a President–then it effectively would not matter how the other States voted. 

The result is pretty ugly.  Not since the Civil War have you had one group of States voting to “disenfranchise” another group of States that do not agree with them about Constitutional issues.  It is not a formula for renewed civility and harmony between Red and Blue States, and it is happening in an environment which becomes more tense with each passing day and the “new surprises” that day brings.  Perhaps it is just coincidental that this story hit the news on the same weekend that Investors Business Daily is running an op-ed pondering the possibilities of a Second American Revolution; but that coincidence should not be misconstrued to be irrelevant.

Meanwhile over at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government, Josie Wales comments on the brewing rebellion of the Statists against Federalism and the Electoral College:

The election of a president consists of a combination of both popular and state will.  However, the popular will is represented as the state.  We can further extend this analysis by examining the process of electing the president should a candidate not receive the required majority within the electoral college.  Election of the president passes to the House of Representatives, and the 12th Amendment outlines this process:

But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representatives from each state having one vote….

Ultimately, states determine the presidency.  Regardless of their populations, each state receives one vote.  Under the progressive-statist plan to eliminate the electoral college, a state’s popular will would be rejected for the national will.  I cannot think of anything more un-democratic than changing someone’s vote without his consent!  But this is the plan states like Massachusetts now encourage.

Imagine (as painful as this might be) the progressive-statist utopia in which universal voter registration (without ID) exists, and the electoral college does not.  Voter fraud would run rampant as challenges to one’s qualifications to vote would be virtually non-existant.  Illegals, dead people, and individuals voting in multiple jurisdictions could cast votes with impunity.  A high burden would be placed on challengers to prove that these individuals were ineligible, since everyone within the United States would presumably be eligible (without ID).

Do not forget that universal voter registration would further diminish the nature of Senators as representatives of states.  The 17th Amendment has already caused much damage to our constitutional system, as Senators are no longer beholden to the interests of their respective states.  And this was one of the first shots in the war waged against our Constitution by the progressive-statists.

Eliminating the electoral college constitutes their latest shot.  It encourages voter fraud on a massive scale.  As the election returns come in from the eastern seaboard, states like California could add massive amounts of fraudulent votes to sway an election.  Corrupt municipalities like Chicago could withhold returns until midnight to generate the desired vote total, as they have already done in the last century.

If the Democrats keep the pedal to the metal–against the will of the people–with the same level of arrogance they have been showing lately, it is not out of the question that those election day Red vs. Blue maps might one day morph into a battle map.  Is is safe to say that the country has probably not been this divided and this angry since the 1850’s… and we all know what happened after that.

It would certainly be nice if we could fight and win the next Civil War at the ballot box rather than on the battlefield.  But one wonders just how much more the people will sit still for.  I have a feeling we are going to find out.

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