Billions of US Stimulus Dollars went to Foreign Banks: the New “Slavery” advances

Just when you thought you had heard it all, the picture gets even more grotesque: not only were you handed the “bar tab” for all the trillions in bailouts and “stimuli” over the last two years which have stimulated nothing; not only did hundreds of billions of dollars of that “tab” go to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac so that they could continue to subsidize the housing bubble–if not make that bubble even larger and more dangerous; not only did billions go to the UAW as the lawful creditors were shoved aside in the GM takeover; not only did untold billions of unaccounted for stimulus money go to SEIU, ACORN and who knows where else; yes–all these things did happen, but there is more!

Today we learned that billions of dollars of that money which your government charged to your “Credit Card” were used to shore up overseas banks in France, Germany and elsewhere. Just ponder that fact and let it soak in for a minute: You are picking up the tab to keep foreign businesses solvent, even as American businesses (and entire industries, see: Oil, Coal…) are being shut down daily and your friends and neighbors are getting laid off in droves! Yet–despite the steady parade of unfathomable economic news and devastatingly destructive decisions from this Administration, do you still find yourself paying very little attention at all?  Do you have a carefree, warm and fuzzy, la-de-da, that’s-just-how-it-goes indifference, like many of your fellow citizens seem to have? Or are you one of those who simply hates dealing with any bad news-you just don’t want to know how bad it is?  Seriously.  It takes all kinds, and this is not to judge; if just one person who reads this wakes up, it will have been worth the time.

I will ask the question another way: if emergency network were available to your PDA that warned you that a small meteorite was going to incenerate your home tonight, would you want to know that?  I ask these questions because the Death Star is on its way if a great many of the complacent refuse to participate in changing the direction of our government this year.   We just won’t make it; they might as well put our Constituion in the shredder.

It is hard for me to fathom how so many people–even some friends of mine–can exist in the same universe as I and yet not be absolutely livid about what is happening to us; to what has up to now been the Greatest Economic and Egalitarian Experiment in Human History. Way too many Americans still don’t seem to get it that that the America they take for granted is disintegrating before their very eyes–AND they are also seemingly unaware that if they don’t stand up against tyranny now, put a stake in the ground, and put a stop to the spending madness, it is all very likely going to implode, and sooner rather than later.

A few months back there were hundreds of billions of dollars in stimulus and bailout money that could not be accounted for–no one had a clue where it went. Some of it has been found; but even for the money that has been accounted for an enormous part of it has been earmarked for utterly ridiculous projects; the stimulus been a complete waste that has stimulated precisely… nothing–and it certainly has not created any private sector jobs. Yet still the waste snowball continues downhill, unabated.

So I suppose we should consider it to be good news than at least today we know a little more about where this unaccounted-for money went: we know that it went towards shoring up foreign banks in other countries.  That’s the GOOD news.

Because this latest “last straw” really irritates me I thought I would try my best to create a complex illustration of how utterly mind-blowingly insane our collective situation has become.  I hope you will be patient with me as I set this up:

Let’s say a good friend of mine has just lost a job. A real pillar of the community; someone who makes the world a better place just by being in it, who gives to charity, who takes care of the less fortunate, is always generous and is universally loved. Let us also say that I feel this layoff is a gross “injustice” and I attribute to it a primary cause: I decide that IF our Marxist-laden Government were not printing up money by the boatload, stealing even more from us, killing business, killing jobs and debasing our currency–as the very same corrupt elites live high on the hog (or send their wives to 5-star vacations in places like Spain…), THEN my generous friend would probably never have lost that job in the first place. Assume that is my mindset in this scenario, and that I decide this “imbalance” is morally wrong and needs to be put right. Maybe I even get it into my head that I need to do something about it.

Furthermore, let’s say that I had just viewed some fat slob Castro-loving Hollywood sicko running down my country on TV. Imagine that I then connected some dots and concluded that this filthy rich Hollywood “player”, who had never even finished college and was known for his loopy “documentaries” that are so skewed they would make the worlds greatest cherry picker jealous–had given millions in contributions to those criminals in government who (in my mind) were the primary cause of my friend’s misfortune.  And I also get irritated because I don’t like it when low lifes like this poison the minds of many of my fellow citizens with their Marxist utopian fantasy-“documentaries”.   Now lets add to the puzzle:  I find out the guy’s address in Hollywood.  I use Google earth and notice his home layout and that he has poor security.  The idea begins to formulate…

Next, imagine I managed to slip into the movie star’s home with a pistol, held the gun to his head and demanded that he hand over several hundred thousand of his $100 million+ estate.  Of course I have a noble “cause” that is driving my extra-legal activity:  I saw “injustice” where there should be “equality” (resemblence of phrase to current politicians intended).

OK, so I get the money and I manage to get away with the loot for at least long enough to secretly pass this money to my laid off friend, thus allowing him to start a philanthropic non-profit. Good deed mission accomplished. 

Stay with me here…

Now, if I  had really had done all these things, the likelihood is that I would soon be in prison.  Perhaps once I was captured, I might try and argue that I was merely being a “good citizen”; that I was being “compassionate” or “fair”, or even that I was “promoting equality” by “redistributing wealth” in order to “shore up” the prospects of my good-hearted Liberal-minded friend who had been unjustly let go, so that my friend could continue doing his good deeds for humanity. I might try to argue these things until I was blue in the face, but it would be highly likely that I would soon be arguing it to my tattooed cellmate in prison. Why? Because (supposedly) we Americans have laws that hold “private property” as sacred. Hold that thought.

And so: I would be in Prison, and probably would not be very free to pursue happiness. He would still be drowning in money, going to Summer at Martha’s Vineyard and running down his country at every opportunity.

Why do I raise this wild scenario? To find out, let’s peel back a layer of the onion and ask some questions. First: what is private property, in its essence? Is it not the result of the fruits of your labor, talent and initiative, based on your rightful pursuit of life, liberty and happiness? Furthermore, it is not safe to say that you probably do not consider your private property to be the result of Barack Obama’s labor– nor any other bureaucrat’s labor in, say the Department of Education, Department of Energy, the IRS … (that is, unless you consider your President playing golf every week to be performing “labor” on your behalf.)

The point is: in the purest sense, the wages you are paid for your labor is private property, and furthermore that property is yours; indeed, in a perfect world, if you were allowed to keep all the “property” you earned you could probably purchase a much larger piece of real “private property”. And in so doing, you would create and support many private sector jobs in exercising your free choice: realtors, architects builders, bankers, lawyers, landscapers… If you think about it, that is at least 6 more private sector jobs than Barack Obama has created with his $13.2 Trillion in spending…for “jobs”! 

But back to wages: you receive that “property” for a service YOU freely choose to engage in, but you do so because you are going to get that property; you would not be very motivated to work if there were not property for you in exchange.

But what if we did not have a Declaration of Independence and Constitution that said you were entitled to the fruits of your labor–or at least to pursue them? Worse, let’s look at our present dilemma: what if we did have these documents, which hundreds of thousands had laid down their lives defending over the years; yet our present Statist Government completely ignored those documents and was hell bent on making it completely irrelevant via a Judiciary that creates law out of thin air from the bench with no regard whatsoever for the Constitution.

Given enough time to consolidate his dictatorial powers, what if some Stalinist wannabe came along and forced you to perform the kind of labor he wanted, with no regard whatsoever to what you wanted to do? You might do it to avoid jail and get three servings of soup per day, but the fact is that you would no longer be working for yourself, but for the State. If the Dictator gets his way, at that point, my friends, the notion of private property is gone, kaput. All that remains after that is indentured servitude.

Once upon a time they called this slavery.

OK, so let’s consider my earlier scenario where a private citizen is trying to make right a perceived (or real) “injustice” by depriving another very wealthy but detestable citizen of his property and giving it to another more deserving person. We have seen that this leads directly to prison–for individuals. YET: when our out of control President and his band of Democrats hold the State’s gun to your head, stealing your money and using it to address their notions of “injustice” and “what is important” instead of your own (in the present case that translates to: handing it over to union constituencies, to his cronies at Fannie and Freddie and Goldman Sachs and to other special interests–some of which specialize in intimidation and voter fraud).  He is sucking all the money out of the private economy, paying off his supporters; and meanwhile the debt is getting so enormous, so beyond our ability to even grok–as you are being picked clean of exponentially larger percentages of YOUR property that YOU worked for–that one day soon, if nothing is radical is done about our Leviathan Government, you are not going to wake up in the United States, you are going to wake up in Weimar Germany or Zimbabwe.  And it won’t be pretty.

So: to take matters of “redistribution” in to one’s own hands buys you jail time; yet to sit by meekly even as they are stealing YOUR private property and handing it over to French and German bankers? That is just considered “good citizenship” Have I got that right???

There is a Milton Friedman video I like to put up in which Phil Donahue attempts to corner him about “Evil Corporations”; Friedman’s response renders Donahue completely speechless:

OK so let’s cut to the chase with another question, and be honest: what percentage of the fruits of YOUR labor and YOUR hard work is “acceptable” for the government to steal from you before you would view yourself in effect, as a slave? For you: at what percentage does the theft of your private property cease to be “acceptable” Is your limit 50%? 80%? 95%? 100%? At what point are you no longer a free person with free will, but instead are a slave to your government’s insatiable appetite for YOUR money, and deprived of any further means to improve your lot in life?

Back in the 20’s and 30’s, the Union movement started because certain companies were working people to death (including children) and paying them next to nothing. But the laborers worked on because something is better than nothing.  The well-meaning moralists of the time sought to right that wrong by passing laws forbidding employers from taking such advantage of its employees. This eventualy led to organized labor. But–as with any power granted by one group of human beings to another–the Union movement has itself become a self-serving corrupt vampire on society which has outlived its usefulness, and which does far more damage than good.  Why did all those auto jobs flee Michigan?  Because the Unions made it impossible for companies to do business otherwise.

But more importantly to my point: what is the difference between then and now? Why was it so morally repugnant for employers to pay low wages for long hours in the 20’s and 30’s, yet today it is good citizenship for a monstrous tyrannical government to confiscate 3/4 or more of your wages…for working equally long hours (that is, if you are lucky enough to even have work today…).

At least in the 20’s-30’s, the individual had a choice: you could choose between continuing to toil in the sweatshops or moving elsewhere and looking for other alternatives; Even during the first Great Depression (another era where a President’s insatiable spending and debt compounded the problem rather than solved it–you should read this on that subject, it is really good…) people moved en masse from the Dust Bowl to places like California–because they could.  At least back then there was no bureaucratic prohibition preventing a person from improving his or her standing in life and keeping what they were able to earn.

In contrast, what choice do today’s “indentured servants” have, other than to remain passive as the Leviathan gobbles up exponentially larger percentages of their private property–or else go to jail? And even if a person wanted to take their business “elsewhere” today, where exactly are they going to take it to escape the confiscatory monster?

Abraham Lincoln may have freed the slaves, but the current Administration seems determined to reinstate the institution. I think many of us feel that we are rapidly approaching a point of no return–if we haven’t already passed it. America has not been this tense and angry since the 1850’s–the years immediately preceding the Civil War.

And no, when I speak the word slavery, I am not talking about race, although this Administration will gladly use that topic as a badge of victimhood whenever they get the opportunity. This is about Economic slavery, which is precisely the same reason that the American Colonies in the 1770’s took on the most powerful economic and military power in World History up to that point–and won, against all the odds. The American Revolution was fought for Economic Freedom. What do you think the original Boston Tea Party was about? A: it was about a hugely unpopular government tax. Sound familiar?

My ultimate point is: we have already fought won that war once; do we really need to fight it again? And the answer is: Probably, especially if we do not make a drastic change in the next two election cycles.

Will most of our friends remain complacent and passive. Are we just going to prostrate ourselves like lambs being led to slaughter and give back the Goose AND the Golden Egg we fought so hard to win all those years ago? All because some narcissistic poseur got 53% of the vote two years ago? 

Who are the real victims in our country–and who are the predators? As a people, we had better figure out the obvious answer–and then get up off our lazy butts and ACT–before it is too late.

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