Women of the World Unite! Obamacare Nixes top Breast Cancer drug—UPDATED

It turns out that all that “death panel” talk was spot on; yesterday, from the UK Telegraph of all places–funny how the American media was “unexpectedly” MIA on this story–we learn that the world’s top selling Cancer drug (Avastin) has been removed from the FDA’s “approved treatment” list for Breast Cancer, for which it has been highly effective.

What this all means is that–unless the Obamacare Abomination is repealed, this life-saving medication will soon no longer be available to treat one of the leading causes of death in women. I am sure that the $8000 per month cost of the medication had nothing whatsoever to do with this decision by your government’s “compassionate” bureaucrats. Because after all, some pencil-pusher in DC cares just as much as your personal physician about your health and well-being….right???

Do you think that this piece of information just might have been relevant for the public to have known about before the neo-Stalinists rammed this monstrosity down the people’s collective throats–AGAINST their overwhelming will?

If anyone is qualified to write about the evils and hypocrisy of Socialized Medicine, it is the Brits, who have lived under the draconian NHS since 1946. Too bad our own State media prefers for the most part to look the other way.

UPDATE: Well, well… The Washington Post picks up the story (via Ed Morrissey).

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