Breaking: 500K Jobs Lost last month=”Surprise” (of course…)

As with every other monthly report of jobless claims revised downwards over the last two years–each time after initial White House numbers given to the State Media were much more “optimistic” the Obama Propaganda Ministry Mainstream Media is once again “shocked, shocked” to learn that this month’s actual numbers were much worse than the “rosier scenario…” that was initially spoon fed reported by the Obama Ministry Press. (This has happened, what, 17 out of the last 19 months??  Pure Coincidence.)

By far the most shocking aspect of this pattern is that the dolts in big media seem to be going to the same well of disinformation and expecting a different result each month (or else they are just content to be “wrong for the cause”).  I seem to recall some famous person once attributed the tendency to “expect” a different result by repeating the same thing over and over to be “the definition of insanity.”  And yet the media uses words like “unexpected” every single time–does that not seem to suggest that they “expect” these clowns to finally give them accurate numbers the first time?  At what point is that “expectation” either Insanity or pure propaganda?  You be the judge.

It certainly would be insanity to expect State Media to actually use words like “once again, the Administration got it wrong…” or “the Obama Administration is sticking to its usual bait and switch pattern of misreporting economic results…”, etc.  I have no doubt that President Bush would have been subjected to this level of sniping were he dumb enough to have done this every month of his Presidency. Yet–strange as it may seem–the MSM-ers keep using words like “surprise” and “unexpected” EVERY time it happens.

Humor me, do an experiment: pay attention to one (or more) reports of this news in: the NYT, Washington Post, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Reuters, AP, AFP–any of “the usual suspects”.  Note each case the words “unexpected”, “surprise”, etc.  attributed to this story, most of the time in the headline or very first broadcast sentence reported.  I would be very interested if anyone on the Web could provide me one legitimate story from ANY of the above sources which did not use language that the latest downward revision was “unexpected” (or some other synonym). 

For me this has become akin to squeaking chalk on a blackboard–every month!

Let me just say this: I expect this to happen every month.  I would wager on it in Vegas if they had such a bet.  And twice a year or so, when the numbers actually stay the same or even have slightly more positive results, we get: “Signs of Recovery!”, “Great economic news today…”, etc.  Whatever.

My friends, they are doing their damndest to lead you around by your ear, like some ticked off mother at her child in a grocery store.

The good news for this month: Obama only added half a million unnemployment claims last month to his rapidly growing deficit of 12 million jobs .  Thus, The One only has to “create” 20 million or so jobs in order to “make up for” the net positive 8 million jobs he promised that last year’s stimulus would create. (and do not forget: these are just the people filing claims–jobless independent contractors or the self-employed aren’t even included in these stats because they cannot collect unemployment…)

But never fear: just “trust” The One. After all, we Republicans are “the party of no”, right?  We are in excellent economic hands.  (Now that is insanity).

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