Hey, I know what Obama needs: A SIXTH Vacation!

ELEVEN DAYS of “fun in the sun” (golf?) on Martha’s Vineyard for the “Man of the People”.  I guess that means the First Family is symbolically taking all the People’s vacations FOR them (sort of parallel to Jesus taking on all the people’s sins, get it?… he’s doing it so you don’t have to; you can keep looking for work!). And they are taking these vacations on your dime of course (the extra security costs for these trips is huge).   Regardless, I am sure that the 17 percent of real unemployed Americans feel with great unanimity that the Obamas desperately need to embark on their sixth vacation of the year ; it is really hard work “creating” all those jobs

Let them eat cake, indeed. (Q: Has Michelle returned from her “State Visit” to Spain yet? hint: you are going to want to follow that last link..)

I truly am open jawed at this.  I shouldn’t be; it’s not like the most tone-deaf President in the Eleven Dimensional Universal Space-time Continuum doesn’t stun me on a daily basis.  But still…

Seriously, this guy needs to start writing Travel Guides for a living.  Maybe we can even help him out by giving him a lot more spare time in a couple of years for all this traveling…  I say let’s go for it!

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