The Delaware Opportunity

On the one hand Christine O’Donnell’s win in the Delaware primary is a blow for principle over pragmatism.  Mike Castle is the definition of RINO–if he represents Conservative principles, I am a Martian.  And the Democrat??  Stalin would be a better choice. 

I know, I know: we are talking about Delaware; but if a Conservative can’t win Delaware this year, I am not sure it can ever be done.

On the other hand it could cost Republicans the Senate if she doesn’t win the General.  And she is pretty far behind in polling prior to the primary.  One can hope for a miracle, but this one would probably be even more miraculous than Brown taking Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts. 

But obviously Republican voters in Delaware were not in the mood for the same old RINO crap.  Who can blame them? How many times do you need to be stabbed in the back by someone to recognize they are not a friend?  A Marxist is a Marxist, no matter what label is after his name.

And so the whining has got to stop now: what is done is done; it is time to get past the naysaying intelligentsia and to pull out the stops for O’Donnell now.  Karl Rove was bitter on Fox News; Rich Lowry’s had a whiny lament on NRO, and both have a very bitter aftertaste.  I like Rich Lowry–in fact his novel Banquo’s Ghosts is quite good.  But crying over spilled milk is not what is needed right now.  The “establishment” needs to get over it and choose: Marxist or Free Market Warrior?  It is not that difficult of a choice; and if O’Donnell can pull off a miracle it might just be the slap in the face that the squishy middle needs to finally “get it”  that squeamishness is no longer going to cut it when the fate of the country is at stake.  They weren’t squishy in the 1770’s.  If they had been the world would have been a vastly different place.

Seriously, this race could portend the “wooden stake” for Left.  Now is our chance to alter the course of history in the right direction… again.

Doctor Zero has a balanced account of the complexity of the Delaware Dilemma leading up to the election, from both perspectives.  For a political junkie like me, it is pure candy:

You couldn’t ask for a more vexing political conundrum than the Delaware Senate primary.  It’s like something a poli-sci professor dreamed up to torture his students.  Mike Castle is the kind of liberal seat-warmer that should be trimmed from a Republican Party getting into fighting shape for the battle of its life, against a dying super-State that will be immensely difficult to bring under control… but he’s got a far better shot at winning the general election than his more conservative primary opponent.  The Democrat, Chris Coons, is loony and Marxist enough to qualify for a position as one of Obama’s czars.  As bad as Castle might be, it’s not difficult to make the case that putting Coons in the seat would be far worse.  However, while putting that case together, bear in mind that Castle co-founded a group with George Soros.

Castle’s conservative primary challenger, Christine O’Donnell, received the coveted Sarah Palin endorsement recently, but current polling shows her losing to Coons by double digits.  This polling is consistent with the overall mood of Delaware voters, who appear ready to be part of the GOP wave in November, but don’t want to ride the crest on the edge of a surfboard.  As Palin points out, O’Donnell has the right stances on a number of critical issues, but that won’t make much of a difference if she can’t get elected.  She’s got some bizarre behavior in her past, and no significant legislative experience.

As the poli-sci class is wrestling with the situation, the professor smiles wickedly and drops the final bomb: control of the Senate might just hinge on the outcome of this race.

You will definitely want to read the whole thing

Michelle also made a very compelling argument yesterday.

It is time for the whining to stop and for real Conservatives–even those inside the Beltway–to ‘man up’ and get behind this candidate.  Here is a good place to start.

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