The phrase “righteous persistence” comes from the oldest known published work in existence, the I Ching. It is typically reserved for situations where one is facing difficulty or challenges.

If there has ever been a situation where righteous persistence was needed, it is in today’s United States of America. This blog is one concerned American’s way of fighting back: of opposing the Marxists who are trying to systematically destroy the greatest and most successful experiment in human history; of opposing the Anarchists and Islamic religious zealots who want us all dead or who wish to destroy our way of life.

The viewpoint on these pages comes from a Republican/Libertarian perspective. If that viewpoint makes you angry, I suggest you look inwardly at why that is. If you take out that anger on me or the readers of this blog in the comments section, they will be deleted and you will be banned. If you argue points of truth in a spirit of true dialogue and the quest for truth, then you are welcome, even if you do not agree. Because I do not fear free speech or free opinion. I do not fear ideas. My ideas have changed over time, but gradually. I will concede a point but I will not concede the damage that is being done to my country by sleeping ignorance or angry Statists.

This blog is both an attempt to rally the like minded–while I am still permitted to do so by a government who wants very much to shut me up and to silence anyone who does not see the world as they do–and it is also an attempt to help the sleepwalking masses to wake up and smell the coffee.

The mission of this blog is to call out the real tyrants and the media elites who support them (and the heroes in the media who go against the grain). They-who-know-what-is-best-for-us-all are an affront to the very idea of democracy and one man one vote; they frequently accuse “the right” of fear-mongering, but it is they who are the fearful; it is they who work tirelessly to silence free speech and opposing viewpoints like talk radio. This can only be because they fear the public learning the truth. I conclude that there can only be one reason for them to fear the truth so much: because they know the truth will expose them for who they really are. This blog is intended to be an electronic message in a bottle, meant not only for those who already see the truth, but for those who choose not to see it. There are many good and well-intentioned people who for whatever reason either want to wish the truth away (prefering not to believe the obvious), or who otherwise let their emotions and wishful thinking overrule their sanity and good judgment.

I am convinced that we live in a moment of history much like the 1930’s, only more dangerous to humankind. It is my hope that enough people wake up, soon enough, so that we can have our country back from those whose actions (or inaction) would destroy it.

June 27, 2010


4 Responses to About

  1. M. Tracy says:

    Thank you for seeing what we ‘old folks’ understand only too well about the banishment of our liberties by this current administration. I admire your ability to express the perils that this great nation faces, and the urgency of our actions to defend the principles of freedom upon which America was founded.
    Congrats on a great site!

  2. Râvî says:

    Hello, I am the guy who wrote this comment on another post of yours. But when I saw some of the text in this page, I got disappointed, saddened.

    Your putting Islam in the same pot as the Marxists, anarchists and the American government is a huge injustice and is based on prejudice, on judgement without sufficient knowledge. Judgement without sufficient information (literally: “following after what you don’t have knowledge about”) is condemned in the Koran, and something similar is probably written somewhere in the Bible too.

    Being a Muslim, I’m a “libertarian” like you, and my life is based around what we call taqwa in the Classical Arabic-based Islamic terminology: Shyness/fear toward God (stemming from reverence and responsibility). This is to say, I’m “just a normal Muslim”, who is in a sense “radical” because he fears and feels responsible and shy towards God and not the State nor other this-worldly powerholders, and who is also radical because he isn’t among the gullible majority. Unfortunately, some of this gullible majority are those who are deceived by the corporate media into believing its lies about what kind of a people the 1,300,000 Muslims of the world are. The truth is simple: For such an ultra-massive portion of humanity, it’s just logically impossible to be a big mass of radical terrorists with wild and abnormal lifestyles and ideas.

    I think you should get to know some Muslim families in your vicinity. Probably I won’t agree totally with the social and political views of many of them, but I guarantee that the more you get to know Muslims, the more you will be angry with the media who pitted you against you people’s best friends in the real, spirituality-based plain.

  3. Râvî says:

    A correction: The number of Muslims in the world is around 1,300,000,000 and not 1,300,000, of course. 🙂

  4. publiusgalt says:


    I have known and worked with several Muslims and found them be some of the kindest, most gentle people you would ever want to know. Please do not confuse this phrase: “Islamic religious zealots who want us all dead or who wish to destroy our way of life” as applying to all of Islam. I do not apply it to all of Islam. But even among the “faithful” such as yourself must have noticed quite a bit of conflict and suicide bombings in different parts of the world, often involving “Islamic Radicals”. Although I agree these individuals do not represent all of Islam any more than you do (or more accurately, they very poorly reflect upon the average Muslim), neither do I think that peace-loving Muslims should object to my statement above–because if the phrase does not apply to you (i.e. wanting the non-believers dead or wanting to destroy the American way of life…) then you should not interpret it as a reference to you.

    On the other hand I would be heartened to see more Muslims like Dr. Zuhdi Jasser have the courage to speak out against those radical elements who soil the reputation and perception of their faith. And let us not deny that among the over 1.3 billion Muslims–even if you took just one half of one percent as the “radicalized” count–that leaves 6.5 million people on Planet Earth who want me dead, just because I do not have the same belief system as they do.

    Of course I do not know the true percentage; yet it cannot be denied that in many trouble spots around the world a lot of very angry Islamic radicals are not necessarily “playing well with others”; in many cases they are murdering even fellow Muslims in the name of Allah. If I were Muslim, this would be the worst kind of blasphemy–worthy of all my anger, because through no fault of my own it causes others to feel differently about who and what I am–if not to be fearful and suspicious of me.

    It would be heartening to see more of the kind of Muslims I have known to actually step up and to start speaking out more against those who besmirch the name of Islam, instead of picking one word out of context and spending energy expressing disappointment or anger to one who was not directing their distress towards them.

    As a fellow inhabitant of this planet and presumably of the US, I hope after reading this you will not take offense, because if the statement “Islamic religious zealots who want us all dead or who wish to destroy our way of life” does not apply to you, than that message was not meant to direct any ill feelings towards you (nor to anyone else that it does not apply to).

    Thanks for commenting.

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